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In June 2017, together with CLEAR Caribbean, we started a coral restoration project in the Southern Grenadines. Eight local Petit St. Vincent resort staff have been PADI certified and trained as coral gardeners. The Elkhorn Divers, built, maintained, and monitored the coral nursery on PSV. This video shows a timeline of the PSV project from 2017 to 2022.

Since then teams have grown under the guidance of Dr. Owen Day and the resilient genotypes of Elkhorn and Staghorn corals transferred to the reef continue to grow at multiple sites in the region. Over time, this helps repopulate the reef, mitigate storm effects on the shore, raise awareness, and increase biodiversity to ultimately benefit all surrounding reefs and communities. 

Watch this 2023 video to see the positive impact on the reefs and local communities. With more funding from other sources and a consortium on local NGOs and businesses involved, there are now several coral gardener teams in the region multiplying this work.

restored coral reef
elkhorn coral nursery table with diver_e
Restored coral reef
Coral gardeners diving team SVG

PSV coral restoration pilot project

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