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The Outlaw Ocean Project was started in 2019 by Ian Urbina, a former NYT investigative reporter, Pulitzer and Polk prize winner, and author of the book by the same name. Ian runs this global investigative reporting nonprofit organization, dedicated to exposing environmental, human rights, trafficking and other crimes in the high seas. Since inception, they have built high impact and visibility, published in 70 news outlets in 55 countries, and are using social media and innovative methods (i.e. music, murals, art) to disseminate stories and reach new audiences globally. 

In addition, Ian has embedded with the USCG, Sea Shepherd and other NGOs, coast guards, and navies to document IUU fishing and other crimes that take place at sea. He has also delivered presentations to government, military and law-enforcement personnel around the world to raise these issues and drive increased management and enforcement. 

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